Sunday, July 13, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Clayton Kershaw and Alexander Guerrero Base Blue Parallels ( 39 and 97 / 500 ) and a Few Extras

Searching and searching for all the blues that I still needed for my 2014 Bowman set and focused on Alex one day and found it coupled with Kershaw and then some.

Most Guerrero and for that matter Kershaw blues were going for more than $2 a pop so when I saw these two together with a starting price of 99 cents they received my full attention.

Kershaw 97 of 500

Guerrero 39 of 500

The only problem was that they were not alone. They had blue buddies with them in a 11 card lot. As I have already done a couple times this year pertaining to my Bowman needs I intended to win this auction for my own 2 personal needs and then flip the remaining back onto eBay. It's worked before so I saw no reason it wouldn't work again.

Unlike the last couple of times I ended up winning the auction for a lot less than I thought I would. $4 scored me the whole lot of 11. I would have been content with paying that for just the two cards I needed. With that low cost I may now just trade these or contest them out at some point. If anyone sees something they can use feel free to contact me.

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