Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Upcoming Player Appearance / Signing : Joc Pederson @ Frank and Sons On September 6, 2014

Top ranked Dodger super prospect is scheduled to make his first public appearance on September 6th.

Scheduled as hopefully he is still with the organization.
Scheduled as he would have to be called up by then to do this signing.
Scheduled as he has to be healthy.

With that said I think the Dodgers will do the right thing and not trade him and he will be called up to the majors and will make this signing. Prices are reasonable right now. While I don't think Joc will explode onto the scene like Puig, Yasiel has made two public paid signings. 1st one was prior to the 2013 season and the cost for an item was $30. For hiis 2nd appearance the price jumped to $150. Get Joc while you can.

  • Flats up to 8x10 - $29
  • Flats larger than 8x10, Balls, Bobbleheads - $39
  • Bats and Jerseys - $49
  • Inscriptions - $15
  • PSA certification - $10


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  2. I'm gonna go to the Joc signing, then hit up this guy to learn more about yoga and spiritual enlightenment.

    1. LOL...
      I already bought my ticket.
      You and I can take the wives and we can all learn to live happier lives through his teachings.

  3. So, can you do yoga with Joc while he signs? Is that what this is about?

    1. Well if you can do it with Ethier why cant you do it with Joc?
      Ha Ha