Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Card of the Day - 2008 SP : Matt Kemp By The Letter " A " Autograh ( 10 / 50 )

The project that may never see completion sees the finish line get a little bit closer with another letter purchased. This time it is the letter " A ".

Now with 11 of the 25 letters needed for the phrase in hand I'm thinking it my actually become a reality that I can do this. Getting this one was another big step in doing that. I need two "A's" for the set and though not as rare as the "S's" where there are only 25 in the world and the need of 3 of them to finish the set, the "A's" have a print run of only 50. I have not seen a single "A" on eBay since I started this quest and once I saw this one I knew I had to somehow get my hands on it.

The seller resided in Canada and other than hockey cards I don't normally see anything I need from our neighbors up north. The auction had a surprisingly ( at least I thought so ) high number of bids. I was worried I wouldn't be the high bidder but in the end I managed to squeeze out the win. Thankfully I have added my first "A" to the collection and now looking for its twin that is somewhere out there waiting for me to rescue him.

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