Saturday, February 8, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Finest : Adrian Gonzalez Base Green Refractor Parallel ( 106 / 199 )

Here is a card I wasn't really looking to acquire as I am not the biggest fan of this year's Finest set and the parells aren't all that attractive.

On the same day I picked up the 1993 retro of Adrian the same seller had this green parallel up for sale as well and even though I had no intention to buy it, he was only asking for one crisp dollar bill. I decided I would throw my hat in for that amount but no more. If I won, cool, if I didn't no water off my back. As with the retro card at the end of the day I won this card for the low amount of just $1. Adding another Adrian card to the collection is never a bad thing.

106 of 199

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  1. Cool card. I never grabbed any 2013 Finest. I should.