Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2008 Upper Deck : Matt Kemp Baseball Heroes Autograph Insert ( 12 / 50 ) and Winning Materials Insert

With all the Matt Kemp autographs in my collection you would think I have had my fill of them. Nope. Saw this card and wanted to add it to the family. The seller also included a Winning Materials aka jersey/relic card in the auction but that was not what I was really after. To me it was an after thought. Only 3 bids for the auction and I was the highest in the end. Received both cards promptly and the Kemp card came in a plastic case which saved me a buck. Another autograph Kemp card and trade bait with the second card has made it home and again I couldn't be happier.

Another Kemp auto. 12 of 50

Trade bait if anyone wants it.


  1. I'll take the Quad Relic if you don't mind adding it to my pile.

    1. Marked 4 Greg it is.
      So that is a blue mini Seager
      A reg Seager
      and this Quad
      ... for now

  2. Damn. Greg beat me to it. #BeatByGreg

    1. which comes before #leftlyingingutterbygreg
      = )