Friday, February 7, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day - Dan Haren ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

As stated yesterday in Mickey's post, Dan was a main focus for me to acquire at the Dodgers Fan Fest. Dan is on a one year contract with the Dodgers so he may or may not be here in 2015. With that said if I could get his autograph early in the year I wouldn't have to worry about hustling for it at the stadiums. Even though I have heard that Dan is one of the nicer signers it would still be nice to just mark it off the checklist now and be done with it.

After I saw Mickey I slide over to Dan's station and handed him a ball. Told him welcome to the team and welcome to the REAL Los Angeles team and not that one down the 5 fwy that claims to be. He got a good chuckle out of that. Said my thanks and shook his hand. One of the 4 main guys that I came to Fan Fest for had been added to the collection. Dan being one of the 2 on a one year contract was even more important. Thank you again Dan.

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