Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day - Al Ferrara ( ROMLB Sweet Spot w/added mark )

Next up at Fan Fest was Al Ferrara.

I met Al last year and had him sign a team bat for me (someday that will be featured here) but this time I decided to finally get him on a ball. He has always been a fun guy to talk to and always engages the fans. He truly loves talking to them all. If only all players were like this.

Al talking to me prior to the movement of the line.
Every time I've seen him he has a smile on his face.

Al was the only one that I didn't use the sweet spot jacket aka "condom" for an autograph as I assumed that as an old timer he would just naturally sign on the sweet spot. I was wrong. I handed him the ball and Al proceeded to flip it and staredt to sign on a side panel. I had to stop him. Kind of funny as he seems a little hard of hearing but he finally did hear me but that was not before there is the start of the letter "A" on the side. No biggie just funny. 

Al trying to side panel me
= )

After correcting Al the finished product

All and all Al was fun yet again. Thank you for once again for signing and being yourself. 

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