Monday, February 10, 2014

Contest # 6 Results : Pepe Yniguez Autograph

. . . and the sixth contest of this blog comes to an end.

Not as many people joined in the fun this time around but to be quite honest I expected that as the autograph is not a player nor is it on a traditional item that we all get autographed. Still there were entries with Alex topping the list with 8 and Jesse coming in second with half as many with 4. Everyone else decided to just try their luck with one. It's like eBay, throw in the complimentary one bid and if you win cool and if not no big deal. Onto the results :

Not surprisingly, Alex comes out on top once again. What was interesting though was that this was only the second spin of the 6 that he was on top as Greg, Valaruko and Evan with their one and only entry were on top once each. 

Anyways, thank you to all that joined in and I will be sending you the autograph soon enough. Alex. Congrats again.

Next contest will be up today or tomorrow and I am sure their will be a few more entries this time.


  1. Replies
    1. #BeatGreg comes in handy and I need to use it on your next contest as I see he has crept closer to me in standings