Sunday, February 2, 2014

Contest # 6 - Pepe Yniguez

While I promised you all that I would do an autograph contest this week this is not the item I planned to do. But don't worry, I still plan to do that one and one more after that. The three will get increasingly better with this being the "smallest" prize of them all. 

I had a Pepe autograph ticket but quite honestly I didn't want him on a ball and didn't know what to have him sign as I don't do photos. I decided to pick this up as all the players had these at their station for people that came ill prepared or like me had nothing else for them to sign. 

This contest will be of the "traditional" variety. It will run for seven days, you can get one entry per day for a comment on this blog entry and one entry per day per retweet on twitter. After the seven days are up I will use to determine the winner. Good luck to all.

Pepe signing at Fan Fest