Monday, February 17, 2014

Trade with Fellow Future Blogger : Big L

This is for sure my most interesting trade I have down so far.

I am running a contest as seen HERE which by the way ends tomorrow. So a new person to this blog left a comment to enter the contest. Normal enough but was out of the norm comes from the picture I took of Paco as seen at the top of the blog entry. Big L's comment on the blog was that was him in the picture at Paco's table as I was waiting in line a few people back. Of all the people at Fan Fest and of all the blogs he happens to stumble upon this blog and notice himself in the picture. Funny stuff.

Anyways, he is thinking of starting a blog soon so keep an eye out for it.

He noticed my project for the complete blue parallel of 2013 Bowman Chrome and stated he had one card that was still on my hit list and I was welcome to it. Said great and asked if he had any 2014 Topps which he did not. So I packaged up 7 cards and sent them to him. Maybe he will show those off someday when he gets his blog up and running. I received the card a few shorts days later. A very smooth transaction.

Thank you again for reaching out and helping my set needs Big L and hope you enjoyed your cards and look forward to seeing your blog.


  1. Hey thanks for the entry. Just to let you know I created my blog today & will be posting a contest either today or possibly tomorrow

    1. Good to hear. Send me a link or tell me on twitter so I can look at it. Good luck on it and good luck to me on contest
      = )