Sunday, February 23, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps : Mike Trout Commemorative Patch Insert

Another 2014 Trout card has been acquired. Trying to get some steam behind the pursuit of Trout cards but getting my hands on this one made me feel a little "uneasy" per se. Its the interlocking LA that bothers me. I will make sure not to get a card with him on it with the LA like that again. Being a Dodger fan it just irks me still that that team down south of the city of Los Angeles is still trying to claim the city for their own. I understand from a financial point but doesn't mean I have to like it. And yes, I know they used this logo for years back in the day but seeing it in any color than Dodger blue ( black is acceptable ) just makes me twitch.

With all that said I am still happy to own yet another Trout card. Like all the 2014 cards of the stars the prices are coming down in price with the market absorbing more. A card that once had a sale close to $20 was now had for way more than 50% off of that high. Saw an auction with a price I could live with and bought the card. Crappy LA Logo and all.

= )


  1. I hear you. I also have a problem with the Angels trying to associate their name with L.A., despite the history. Overall, I'm glad you got the card at a bargain price.

    1. Same am I. Dont like the Angels but you have to respect that Trout is a beast and still only 22

  2. That logo always reminds me of Bo Belinsky and Dean Chance. It would look better though on a navy blue background.