Monday, February 10, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day - Brian Wilson ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

The Beard...

Down to the big 2 of the day and it was Brian's turn. He is the other one year contract ( Haren being the other ) that is on the team that I needed to make sure I got a signed ball sooner rather than later. The day I saw that Brian was going to sign at Fan Fest I made sure he was one of the first two sessions I would buy ( the other being tomorrow's post ). When tickets went live Brian's session was the first one I bought.

Got in Brian's line and I was one of the first 10-15 and waited for him to sit down.

Took this picture as I found a man looking at his cuticles prior to a signing for fans was interesting

Brian talking to Dee and Jerry across session lines.

Arrived at the table and I was getting a ball signed by Brian's session mate Al Ferrara and I over heard Brian talking to a young lady in front of me being told by him that his name is Brian not "The Beard" and he took the name plate in front of him and lifted to the young lady's eyes and said, see? Brian is an interesting cat. To say the least I didn't call him "The Beard" once it was my turn. I told him welcome back for one more season and hope he does well and thank you for signing which he said your welcome. 

With Haren and now Brian both acquired I no longer have to worry about getting either pitchers during their contract year and maybe missing out. 


  1. Nice. I need to a add an auto of "The Beard" myself.

    1. That was my thought process and I honestly dont think he will be in blue in 2015 or at least Dodger blue