Friday, February 14, 2014

eBay Auctions

I have decided to adjust my collecting habits a tad. I have been collecting pre authenticated autograph balls of players for a few years now but that is changing now. I will only collect pre authenticated ones of either players that have passed or ones that have some connection to the Dodgers. Anyone that does not fall into that category such as Pujols up here I will either wait to acquire them in person or look for on card autograph from Topps.

I need to make some space but at the same time I will love some extra cash for eBay purchases which these balls will get me. Some of them I am already waiting on delivery of an on card autograph ( Machado ) and others I will continue to look for. So obviously that means I will have cards now that do not have Dodger colors on them. The horror. Ha Ha.

So if you have a moment or have any interest in buying a ball or two please take a look at my auctions by either clicking on  the little eBay crest on the front page of this blog or searching for my name on eBay which is : SKORPNIX.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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