Sunday, February 9, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day - Alex Guerrero ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

We are now down to the main three Dodgers that I went to Fan Fest for. First up is the newest international signing for the team, Alex Guerrero.

Alex will probably be our Opening Day second baseman but he still has to prove he can handle the position. He, like Puig, is a Cuban defector and speaks almost no English. From all the reports he will be a very good player. Maybe not as dynamic like Puig but still better than most second basemen in the majors.

I wanted to get Alex on a ball now as if he explodes he may or may not be easy to acquire at the stadium. Also I wanted to get him on the sweet spot. As with Puig if Alex does real good he may not sweet spot in the future unless it is a paid a event so it was imperative for me to get him now. Got up to his station and said "hola" and handed him a ball. I had the ball jacket on to ensure a sweet spot signature and he didn't attempt to move it and signed where I wanted. I said gracias and moved over. Thank yous again go out to Alex for signing and may you have a good career with the Dodgers.

Alex and Pepe

Looks very GQ to me. If he does well I can see a lot of endorsements in the future for him

The finished product

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