Friday, February 21, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013/14 Upper Deck Artifacts : Jeff Carter Autograph Two Patch Relic ( 3 / 12 )

The quest for one of the hardest King cards to acquire is finally over. I finally got my hands on the elusive Jeff Carter autograph for my Stanley Cup Kings set.

I have only seen one other card ( though multiple copies ) that has Jeff in Kings gear with his autograph. That card was going for north of $100. No way no how was I spending money on that card. One day this card popped up on eBay and knew this might be one of these chances I might not get again. The card is numbered 3 our of only 12. I have never seen this card before but I knew I had to have it even though it had the hated sticker autograph.

Being a numbered card I knew it would be pricier than I normally would want to spend on a card but that didn't matter. Auction ran a full 7 days and on the last day it sat with a price of just over $12. No way was it going to go that low and with the end in sight I put my bid in higher than normal and won it for a little over $20. Someone did try to undercut me with a second left but I was able to hold on. A major card added to the collection and now my attention can turn to the last "big" name on the Kings, Mike Richards.

"Annoying" sticker auto but a nice two patch relic

3 of only 12

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