Sunday, February 16, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day and Player Appearance Recap : Bo Jackson ( Black ROMLB Sweet Spot ) @ Frank and Sons on 2.15.2014

Another year and another meet and greet for me with Bo Jackson. Last year Frank and Sons held a Raider Fest that I attended for the sole purpose of acquiring Bo Jackson's autograph on a baseball as seen HERE . I was one of the few there that was a Bo baseball fan and not there as a Bo football fan. It was a black and silver sea.

One day I was going through my collection of signed balls and I noticed that the ink of the pen that I had Bo use for the autograph ( I have since switched brands ) was bleeding out on the ball. Irritating. Wasn't sure if and when I would be able to replace the IP autograph but late last year I found out that Bo was returning to Frank and Sons for another Raider Fest so I could get another shot of a good autograph. Had a different idea in mind this time but first things first as I sold last years ball for almost what I paid for it originally. With those funds I pre-purchased an autograph ticket for Bo but this time I decided to go with a black ROMLB and brought a gold paint pen. It worked wonders on my Puig ball so I assumed it would work for Bo as well. Off to Frank and Sons to put my theory to test.

What the hell? I arrived at Frank and Sons and waited among all the Raider fans and soon was in front of Bo for the second year in a row. I had brought my paint pen and Bo said no that it was too thick and proceeds to bust out the gold pen next to him and proceeds to attempt to sign as he had to stop twice as you can see the pain was dry. WHAT THE HELL !!! This so did not come out like I wanted or deserved so now I have flipped the ball on eBay and I will wait till next year and try for the third year in a row to acquire an acceptable Bo Jackson autograph on a baseball.

Left Frank and Sons with a bad taste in my mouth but since I was still in the neighborhood I decided to do another signing which was a complete 180 from Frank and Sons. More on that tomorrow.


  1. Bo don't know markers.

    Sorry, man. That would piss me off too.

    1. Well hopefully 3rd year is the charm next year.