Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps : Clayton Kershaw Photo Variation (Throwing)

As stated in yesterday's Koufax post I had picked up two eBay steals recently and the other happens to be Clayton Kershaw. The two greatest lefties in Dodger history and they are the ones I score great deals on. Ironic.

Though not as great a discount on as was seen on the Koufax this photo variation of Kershaw was still a good purchase. Clayton has two different variations in series 1 of the Topps set and this is the first one I was able to get my hands on. Book value is $12 and a lot the sales have closed for north of $8 but I found this one with the header on eBay as " 2014 Topps Clayton Kershaw". Nothing else to state what it was. Very vague. So I am sure it didn't show up on a lot of searches. And like with Sandy I won this card with minimal effort and for the low cost of a little under $4. More than 66% off.

One variation down, one to go.


  1. Cool, still need all the variations of recent years. Grats on the pick-up !

    1. TY sir. I personally like the photo variations rather than than the sparkle ones. Those just are annoying or at least to me they are

  2. Nice grab man! This one is definitely on the bucket list.