Monday, February 17, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps : Mike Trout All-Rookie Gold Cup Insert ( 46 / 99 )

Here I go again. Bidding from the hip as the prices weren't released on Beckett when I won this beauty of a card. As it was on its way to me Beckett put up the price of $40. With that assigned value to the card I realized I got a good deal. A tad over 50% off of book no matter what it is, is a good thing.

The card arrived and even though I knew these manufactured relic cards are thick as I have a few, this for sure is the biggest one I own now. With all my inventory of supplies I still didn't have an acrylic case big enough for it. Back to the store for me to find one. Another numbered card of the best everyday player in baseball. If Trout ever hit the open market he for sure would be the first 300 million player.

End of the day another great acquisition for my collection. Boo Angels but Go Trout.

46 of only 99

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