Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 Allen and Ginter Box Break Over At Cubs Cardboard

Kalib over at Cubs Cardboard is doing a 2 box break on the upcoming 2014 release of Allen and Ginter. $15 will net you two teams. You get to pick the team you want up to 15 entrants and then he will randomize the other 15 teams that are left over. I was late to the party as I lost out on the Dodgers. Thanks Alex. = )

I chose to pick the Angels for Trout reasons and hopefully I get a decent second team in the break. Lots of great Cub stuff over on Kalib's blog. Maybe I can work out a deal for some Dodger cards in the future. Thank you for doing the break and good luck everyone.


  1. Haha. I finally beat you at something :o

    1. Ha ha.
      I havent crossed by his blog so I know you did what I would have done.
      Claimed the spot THEN pimp it out.
      Its all good.
      Good job. Now I am hoping for a great Trout insert
      = )