Monday, March 31, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Tribute : Clayton Kershaw Titans Patch Card Insert ( 64 / 99 )

For the most part I have had my fill of patch/jersey cards of Clayton and only really look for his cards in the base sets and their parallels and obviously autograph cards. Yet another exception to the rule with this one.

It was the color of the patch that once again caught my eye. I was green with envy. A green jersey/patch card for each Dodger.This is going to be another little project that will never have any urgency but one that will exist and look forward to adding new cards to.

We will always have our blue, white, gray and sometimes the occasional red card but green is a very unique "non" Dodger color. It is only used once a year. I already picked a Puig one last year and now have this Kershaw one. It doesn't matter what brand it will come from so that will keep costs low. This one only put me back a little more than a nickel so it was had for a very reasonable price.

Keep the green cards coming.

64 of 99 greenies

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