Friday, March 21, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Leaf Memories - Orel Hershiser 1990 Leaf Buyback Autograph ( 7 / 55 )

Picked up one Leaf buyback of a former Dodger why not another? This time its current Dodger broadcaster and former Cy Young winner Orel. Unlike a few of my reacquired autographs Orel has been showcased on the blog with an IP signature. As it was on a ball it was time for that to be sold/traded and for me to get an on card autograph.

Not much to chose from on the bay as most of what I saw were of the sticker kind. Not going to happen. A few days later this one popped up. Having already acquired an Eddie Leaf buyback I thought having a Orel Leaf buyback would compliment it nicely. Plus it is card numbered 7. Good luck as far as I am concerned.

Unlike the the Murray auction there were more bids on Orel's auction but like Eddie's I won this one for way under book. I loved the look of this card back in day and it still holds a visual appeal in my eyes. A great addition at a reasonable price.

May one of the two heroes of 1988 announce the Dodgers the World Series Champions in 2014.
My lips to God's ears.

7 of 55


  1. Envious, I am... I've been wanting that card

    1. Still 54 more out there
      = )
      Loved this set back in the day