Sunday, March 9, 2014

Trade with Fellow Twitterer : Aus ( Trade Number One )

Still in the process of selling off my signed balls and an online friend of mine asked about the availability of a signed Kemp ball. I still had it and had no problem with parting with it. What we had to figure out was what I take back in return.

Aus and I live in the same small area called the South Bay area but we have never met each other even though we have conversed for awhile now. It is always nice to put a face to the person you are talking to over the computer.

Aus wanted my Kemp Gold Glove ball and I was willing to sell it but we ended up doing a trade with some cash thrown in. The main acquisition for me was a 2008 Allen Ginter signed card of Kemp. I already have one of these but I can always use another for trade. Any takers and what would you like to give me? = )

Next are some cards that Aus threw in including this great looking Koufax that I didn't have yet. So this one is staying in my collection.

Next up were a couple of Beltre cards which the one on the right I am probably keeping as it shows him in Dodger blue but I have a feeling that Alex of Chavez Ravining might have some interest in the other one.

And to finish off the package a nice retro card of Kemp and friends.

All in all a great trade for the both of us. Aus received a great ball that he will enjoy more than me and I picked up some cards for my collection as well as trade bait. Cash was also involved and that went to paying my submission fees for the Beckett Raw Grading I did on Saturday in which those posts start tomorrow.

Thank you again to Aus and it was a pleasure meeting you. Go Blue !!!


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  2. Hi,
    I'm interested in your bob feller ball. I have several Andre E. triple threads cards to trade. First time trying to doing this. Thanks


    1. Hello and welcome to internet trading
      = )
      what year are the cards you are offering?
      TY in advance

    2. Hi,
      2012 TTUR-258 30/36
      2012 TTUR-259 32/36
      2012 Topps all star. Black all star jersey

      Don't know how mush these cards are worth but
      tell me what you think??

    3. So are you thinking the 3 for the one ball? And where are you located for shipping purchases or are you thinking IP? Thank you again and have a good one

  3. Great finally meeting you. The Kemp ball is displayed high up on the shelf away from my 2 y/o son's grubby hands. Glad u enjoy the throw ins as well.

    1. Ha Ha.
      Those 2 year olds know how to mess up things. Good idea. Higher the better.
      Love the throw in's. Already working on a trade
      Thank you again and see you again soon Im sure