Friday, March 14, 2014

Result Number Five ( 2013 Topps Five Star Sandy Koufax Autograph Rainbow Parallel ) From Beckett Raw Grade Event On March 8, 2014

We reach the final day of the recaps from the BGS raw grade submissions. When I dropped all the cards off I already planned to do individual posts on the cards and I was wishing and praying that this card would be the last one to see the light of day. Happy to report it did.

I started these posts on Monday with a Five Star card and I end it here on Friday once again with a Five Star card. Just a tad better result on a slightly better card.
= )

As many of you know I am the process of selling off my signed ball collection but still want to have each autograph represented on a card or possibly a photo. Well when it came to the sale of Sandy Koufax it was hard for me to part with the ball. It was my crown jewel in the collection. But I did it. Sold off a PSA 9 autograph of Sandy. Well I had to have another impressive autograph of Sandy in the collection and I was able to pick one up at a great price as seen HERE . Once again I had a Five Star autograph in my hands but unlike the Jose Fernandez one from Monday this Sandy's here looked perfect minus any corner issues. But of course that is my opinion not BGS's. I went online to see what the graded population was and this is what came back :

Only two in existence. One regular version numbered to 30 and one rainbow parallel numbered to 25. That is a possible total of 55 autographs in existence of the great Sandy Koufax and neither of the two to be submitted for grading yet have gotten the deserved gem mint grade. Further review revealed that the rainbow one had a corner sub grade of 8.5 ( surprise surprise ) and the regular version had a 8.5 for surface. Well my corners looked good and surface looked defect free. It was time to submit my Koufax for review. One short hour later I was informed of this result :

Oh Yeah !!!
Gem mint 9.5 with a pristine autograph grade of a 10.
This at the moment is the only one in existence, rainbow or regular, that has this grade. A lot of these purchases off of eBay are luck of the draw but if you do your research and keep a keen eye out you can turn it into something like this. I am beyond ecstatic with this grade and can't wait to see what the sub grades are. I will be posting updates on all 4 cards I sent in to get slabbed in a later post.

That ends the week with even better results than I expected. I thought for sure I would get 2 gem mints with a very good possibility of a third. God was on my side and gave me a number four. Thank you.

It was hard to part with a Koufax signed ball but this is a great replacement for it. I still will be trying to get him IP for an autograph and hope that next year in Arizona I can achieve that.


  1. Awesome. Very happy for you!

    1. TY. It was the cherry ( a very big one ) on top of a great day.