Sunday, March 30, 2014

Card of the Day - 2011 Allen and Ginter : Joe Mauer Autograph

The card that went around the United States has finally made it into my hands after a long month on the road.

Of the many signed balls I was/am selling off one was of Joe Mauer. The long time Minnesota Twins catcher and now first baseman. Like a few others that ball never saw a blog entry as it was stuck in the que but just like the others before Joe's I still wanted to have his autograph in my collection. The ball was a gem mint 9.5 and I unloaded it outside of eBay so I had more funds than normal since I didn't have the selling fees attached to it. Off I went looking and there are just not that many non stickers ones of Joe. One day I came across this one from Allen and Ginter. A card that books for $200.

The seller had it on a buy it now without a best offer but it was highly reasonable and for an even swap of ball to card I once again had Mr. Mauer's autograph. It's adventure was just beginning.

Card originated out of Arizona, just one state east of me. I watched it via its tracking number and somehow it made it to Baltimore, Maryland. You know, real close to my home. Nice job USPS. After some calls from the seller to USPS and much patience from me, a month after the purchase the card made it to me and surprisingly in great condition. So much that it is a candidate for BGS grading the next time they are in town.

Great player.
Great card.
Great price.


  1. Big fan of the framed autos, nice card!

    1. Agreed but I like last years and 2012 better. The orange and blue is a little off putting to me