Monday, March 10, 2014

Result Number One ( 2013 Topps Five Star Jose Fernandez Silver Signings Blue Parallel ) From Beckett Raw Grade Event On March 8, 2014

For this week I will be posting one result per day from the Beckett Raw Grading event from this past Saturday the 8th that was held at South Bay Cards in Lomita. I will post from the least impressive to the most which will be on Friday and its a beauty. With that said first up is the one card I was hoping for a generous grade but was left wanting.

This still great looking card of Jose Fernandez is from the 2013 Topps Five Star set which like its 2012 edition is susceptible to card issues such as rounded or chipped corners. I acquired this card on eBay with the knowledge that it had a slightly rounded/frayed corner but I was still hoping it would grade out to a mint 9. I was basing that on the other 3 grades ( centering, surface, edges ) would offset the 8.5 I probably would get on the corners. Result is :

So close to that mint 9. A 8.5 is still a nice grade for Five Star and it even has a gem mint autograph grade of a 10 but I wanted that mint 9. I expected this grade even when I was holding out hope for a higher grade of 9 but that's ok. This is still a great looking card and will be staying in my collection.

If this is my worst result you know the remaining four are good.
= )

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