Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Result Number Two ( 2013 Bowman Sterling Yasiel Puig Refractor Parallel ) From Beckett Raw Grade Event On March 8, 2014

The second of five posts regarding my BGS results from this past Saturday and it only gets better from here on out.

I obtained this great looking card from my buddy Alex up north. Alex runs a great blog and if you get some time you should take a look at it HERE . Great reading.

Once the card arrived I knew it was a candidate for grading. It looked great in my hand and I believed it would at least grade out to a gem mint 9.5 with an outside chance of a pristine grade of 10. Before I turned it  in for grading I looked online to see what the population was for the card.

Fourth line down shows that there have only been 3 copies submitted for grading and each came back a gem mint 9.5. I wanted to join this exclusive club. This was the one card of the group of five I was confident would get the grade I wanted and expected. The result :

I love that I still have a good eye for grading. Not too old yet. Card came back as a gem mint and I obviously chose to send it to Dallas for it to be slabbed. I am curious to see the sub grades on it to see how close it was to a 10 if it was at all.

Thank you again to Alex for the card. This card is now number 4 in my graded Puig collection.


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    1. Thank you again for the card. This is the least of the 9.5 and I still have 3 to go for the week. When this is the worst its happy day