Friday, March 7, 2014

Crossing My Fingers For A BGS Gem Mint Saturday

Beckett Grading Services will be doing a raw grade event tomorrow at South Bay Sports Cards in Lomita. I will be attending and dropping off some cards with the hope that I can duplicate the greatness of the Puig card from months ago. You can read a recap HERE if you happened to miss it the first time around.

The first one I will be getting graded is the recently acquired Koufax autograph card from the Topps Five Star set. Again I think this is one of the better looking cards and there doesn't seem to be any defects. As with all the cards I want a 9.5 but would not be surprised or disappointed with a 9. Anything lower and I would be annoyed though.

Next up will be the Bowman Chrome Blue parallel of Machado. This one I really want to grade out as a 9.5 and the only thing I am worried are the edges. Surface looks void of any defects, corners look sharp and centering looks pretty damn perfect. What I see is on the bottom a tiny fraying and as long as that gets a 9 I think the others will get 9.5 which would get the card an overall 9.5 grade. We shall see.

Wasn't planning on submitting this one but I had seen one on eBay and thought why not. This is the blue parallel of Ryu's card in last year's Inception set and with only 75 in existence it would be nice if I had a 9.5 of his to add to my collection. Had luck with the Puig Inception and looking for the same with this one as well.

This next one I didn't expect to be able to get graded as it comes from a trade with Alex ( Chavez Ravining ) that I wasn't sure would arrive in time for the event. Luckily it did and in person the card looks better than in the picture. I was planning on doing a Bowman Chrome blue of Puig but I rather have this one for the time being.

And for the last one.
I am hoping at best for a 9 grade as I know that lower right corner is going to be an issue. Other than that small problem the cards looks perfect and hoping the other sub grades compensate for the 8.5 I am expecting on the corner.

Those are the 5 I am for sure turning in but I am debating on the other Puig card. Will make final decision tomorrow morning. Wish me good luck and updates on each will be up starting Sunday or Monday. Have a great weekend everyone.

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