Monday, March 17, 2014

Trade with Doctor Liu Part 1 also Photo of the Day : Hung Chi Kuo Signed 8 x 10

Today will be the first post of many from a trade that I just completed with Dr. Liu this past Saturday.

The doctor was hosting a meet and greet with former Dodger Ken Landreaux and it was the perfect opportunity to complete our transaction as I would be heading out in his direction for the event.

As stated I am liquidating my signed ball inventory and the doctor saw my inventory list and contacting me on the availability of the balls that interested him. From the list he gave me only one was not in my possession anymore. Without that one he still had a grand total of 26 he would like. A massive trade was starting.

I normally wouldn't do these one by one but since photos are my new thing and there needs to be a photo of the day I will doing just that. He also included two jerseys which I will showcase at the end of the photo blog entries. With all that said, we are now working on yet another trade pertaining to more balls but till then here is the first photo.

Hung Chi Kuo. I love this pic due to the placement of the ball after release. Since Mr. Kuo was in my collection in ball form this autographs also falls under the reacquired tag.

Thank you again Dr. Liu for this picture and the trade in general. They all look great.

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