Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Result Number Three ( 2013 Bowman Inception Hyun-Jin Ryu Autograph Blue Parallel ) From Beckett Raw Grade Event On March 8, 2014

Halfway point for the week and we reach my third result post from the BGS raw grade event. Value wise this card is about the same with Puig's from yesterday but why I posted this one after that one was because it is an autograph rookie card and the fact that it comes from the Inception brand which has a harder time grading high compared to the Sterling brand.

I had seen a copy of this exact same card on eBay and it sold for over $120. I have no intention to sell it but as always I like to know what the value is of my collection. With only 75 copies in the world I looked to the population report to see how many were graded and at what level.

Second line down you will notice that only two copies have been graded. The aforementioned one on eBay which was graded gem mint 9.5 and another that received only an 8 grade. Once again evidence of the Inception brand having quality issues. Looked at my card and I thought the corners looked great and decided it should grade out gem mint but I knew I still had to cross my fingers due to past results I've seen of these Inception cards. And the result was :

My worries on the corners were gone. Even if they graded a 9 all the rest got at least a 9.5. Also included is the all important 10 grade on the autograph. I now own one of only two in the world that has been graded gem mint. Couldn't be happier.

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