Monday, March 31, 2014

Attended Game Recap : Dodgers 1 @ PADRES 3 on March, 30 2014

View of the ballpark prior to entry

Opening Day/Night at Petco

Well at least I enjoyed my trip to San Diego other than the game. The North America part of the Dodgers season started with a turd of a game. The only two real bright spots of the game were starting pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu with a stellar performance once he got out of jams in the first 2 innings. He ended up going a strong 7 and even though I thought he could do 8 I understand why he was taken out due to his toe injury after his last start. Dee playing at second was also good and had a great leaping catch to take away a hit.

Other than that from Don, who once again over managed, to all the hitters, who didn't show up, it was a blah game and if not for Ryu they would have lost by more. I am going to chalk up Wilson's performance as just one of those days. They will happen and its better it happens now rather than later. What bothered me the most was the fact that the bats didn't show up for the game. During BP Puig and Hanley were alternating rockets off their respective bats. Even Kemp's hits sounded better than they did last year. Once the game started though everything went quiet.

At least the view from my seat was good. But once again I struck out on acquiring a ball from Petco. This stadium just doesn't want to let one go to me. I have been here on average of once a year for 9 years and I have not been able to get my hands on one. The Dodgers were giving the balls to Padre fans around me but not to me, a Dodger fan. Probably why they lost.
= )

View to home.

Dodgers starting line-up

Armed forces getting a well deserved recognition from the crowd

Puig from my seats

Kid runs onto the field and gets tackled.

Dumbass taken away. Enjoy your night in Petco Jail.
FYI, it's federal offense to run on the field. Its trespassing. 

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