Saturday, March 29, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps : Pedro Martinez Before They Were Great Insert

Blast from the past and another reminder of what could have been for the Dodgers.

I have gone back and forth between Pedro or Piazza as being the worst trade since I have been a Dodger fan and more and more I lean towards Pedro. Piazza was great and I loved him more as a player than Pedro but what we received in return for Pedro pales in comparison with what we received for Piazza. Plus I think Piazza was in the right place at the right time after 9/11. He was what New York needed at that time and that exceeds baseball by a long shot.

Saw this card on the checklist when it was released and with my attention on other inserts I had almost forgotten to acquire this card. Needed to fix that mistake and went searching one day and the cost was only $1 on numerous auctions. I picked from one of the sellers that had the highest feedback and within a few days had this nice card reminding me about what could have been.


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