Friday, March 7, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Jose Fernandez Silver Signings Blue Parallel ( 7 / 25 )

So close to a card that I thought might grade out to a gem mint.

It was time for me to acquire an autograph card of the 2013 ROY Jose Fernandez and I wanted it to be a good one. Saw plenty of Topps Chrome or I could have gone back a couple years and picked up a Bowman Chrome but I have been on a Topps Five Star kick and knew this parallel existed and wanted to see if I could acquire one at a reasonable price.

Book is at $80 for this lovely parallel and from the pic above it looked to be in great shape. If you collect Five Star you just have to assume that there will probably be chipping or possible rounded corners and I knew that going in. The autograph looks pristine but I was worried about one corner so I made sure to keep my bid in line with that thinking. Surprisingly there were only 2 bids on the card and I was the top dog. Now I waited for the card to show up as I crossed my fingers for the best.

Card of 7 of only 25 arrived a few days after winning and it looked great. Centering, photo, autograph etc all checked in perfectly. Now to look at the potentially troublesome corner.

Looking straight on you can't tell the very slight "curl". Upon closer look you can see it. Even with that I would think it would grade out a 9 and with Five Star cards I have noticed on eBay that 9's are treated like 9.5 compared to other brands. I am debating on getting it raw graded tomorrow at South Bay Cards. We shall see.

Even with all that this is a very nice addition to my collection and will enjoy it.

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