Thursday, March 13, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Tribute : Evan Longoria Base Blue Parallel Autograph ( 31 / 50 )

Another reacquired autograph transaction has been completed.

Had Evan on a PSA 9 graded baseball that never saw the light of day on this blog but it still falls under the new category as I sold the autograph and replaced with another one.

The ball brought back enough to cover this card and then some. A lot of Evan's autographed cards seem to be of the sticker variety which I didn't want or from his rookie year which are too expensive for my tastes. I turned to the Tribute brand and found his autograph all over the place in the newly released 2014 set. I just had to figure which one I wanted to go after and get it.

Obviously if I could get a blue version that is the one I would really want and luckily when compared to the base one which was only a couple dollars cheaper when I bought this one I saw no reason not to spend the extra bucks to get a blue Evan. Great looking card and once again I have an Evan autograph in the collection.

On card autos are the way to go

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