Sunday, March 16, 2014

Card of the Day - 2012 Leaf Memories : Eddie Murray 1990 Leaf Buyback Autograph ( 1 / 33 )

Another of the reacquired autographs where the original one that was in my collection never got featured in a blog post. Just had way too many signed balls and it sat in the que so long that I finally deleted it due to my change of course in autograph collecting. So Hall of Famer Eddie Murray's first appearance here will be in card form instead of ball form.

The item I did have was a PSA 9 graded SS ball that I picked up well over a year ago and sold pretty easily on the bay once I listed it. Now a first for me is buying a buyback card. For those that don't know that is when the original company buys back (duh) their original product and reissues it usually in a new product. I looked for Eddie's autograph on a card in the past but never saw one that was any good but now with me on the hunt I came across this one. I loved the Leaf brand back when I was in the hobby in the early 90's and I had this card in my hands at one point. Now I guess I was buybacking as well.

I actually had seen this card sell for over $40 on eBay a few months ago and I looked up the book value which states its give or take $60. Didn't know what I was going to be in store for but I didn't want to invest too much in it. Well over 66% off of book is a score in my book. There were quite a few bids but I guess everyone was trying the nickel and dime approach. Win for me. With that, Eddie and his autograph is back in the collection once more.

First of only 33