Friday, March 7, 2014

Trade with Fellow Blogger : Chavez Ravining ( Trade Number Three )

It's been awhile and in my opinion way too long but Alex of Chavez Ravining and I finally completed our third trade. This time Alex approached me about a signed ball he was thinking about acquiring from another blogger. It was the right time to have inquired. Again if you don't know I am going away from the signed ball collecting and focusing on cards and photos. Alex inquired about the value of a Dee Gordon ball as he was in the process of doing a trade with the other blogger. I informed him what I thought was fair market value but I sidestepped the other blogger and offered my Dee ball and this trade evolved from there. Alex will be posting what I gave him over the weekend but here is what he sent me.

First up were throw ins by Alex. These three ( Kemp, Young and Ryu ) are from the just released 2014 Donruss set which I had no intention of going after but I do like how the design is clean and simple yet still nice. I kind of remember from Alex's post that he had some issue with the Young card. Will have to look that up again. Thank you for the bonus cards.

Next up is this Topps Chrome Update card of Ryu from the 2013 set. Value wise is couple dollars but I do love our Korean pitcher and I did not have this card and wanted to add it to my collection so I was sure to ask for it in the trade.

I can never have enough Kemp or Kershaw cards and when I saw this one I hoped that Alex would be willing to part with it. I have to look but I think this is my first non auto relic card I have of Kid K. Very rainbowy of a card. Looks great next to all my other CK ones.

16 of 36

This last one was the main target for me for the trade. Puig may or may not pan out in the long run but as a Dodger I try to acquire him whenever I can. The current problem is that his card prices can be quite high on certain cards. 

Bowman Sterling was one brand I was not going to collect but I noticed this gem in Alex's inventory and inquired on its availability. Thankfully it was available and I was able to add it to the trade. Card came in a nice plastic holder ( thank you, saves me a buck ) and looks pretty gem mint to me. I looked online and saw that there are only three 9.5's of this card in the world. Guess what was just added to the list to get graded tomorrow at South Bay Cards? Let's see how it pans out.

 139 of 199

With that our trade was complete. Yet another successful transaction with Alex. Thank you again and hopefully we can do another a little sooner this time in the future. 

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