Monday, March 10, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2014 Topps : Base Blue ( Wal-Mart ) Parallels ( A Whole Lot of Dodgers )

Time to really make a dent if not just complete the whole blue parallel set from this year's Topps set. I wanted to get as many as possible of the Dodgers so I didn't have to search for them anymore and move onto other projects. Found a seller that had a majority of what I was looking for at pennies on the dollar.

It pains me to see Brandon in a Dodger uniform knowing that unless he is traded ( God willing ) or released he is here for two more years.

I just love Young's card for the fact that he is doing a baseball play with his eyes closed shut. A professional but glad he did not resign with the Dodgers in the off season. On the other hand I hope Hanley does come to an agreement on an extension in the next few weeks.

Sophomore slump? I have a feeling that Ryu will not fall into that category and look for him to be a solid number 3 in the rotation. Adrian hopefully will be up to his playoff Mickey Mouse antics and produces like usual but with a little more pop.

The lightening rod
The wild horse
This will be an interesting year and other than Kemp I think he will be a main x-factor on how far the Dodgers go.

10 blue cards down and only Nolasco and the two Kershaw League Leader cards are left for me to complete this parallel set. Hopefully I can lock those down soon.

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