Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps : Yasiel Puig Mini Insert

There is nothing small about Puig in real life but on card form he can be shrunk down into a mini . Last year I picked up a great black bordered mini of Mr. Puig and this year Topps released yet another mini insert and Yasiel is included in this one as well. You know I had to get my hands on this one too.

I wasn't searching for this card right out the gate as other inserts had grabbed my attention. I saw that these cards were going for more than I thought they should ( $7-$10 ) and just decided to bide my time and see where the pricing would go. Beckett finally came out with a price of $4 and while that was reasonable I searched for a better deal.

One day a buyer had this card up for just $1.50 on a buy it now auction. No need for me to try to cheap out even more so I snatched it up and have completed my needs within the mini set.

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