Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Movie Review - 300 : Rise of an Empire

A sequel of sorts of the 2007 film of 300 has arrived. This film takes place prior to, during and after events of the first film. Like the first movie it is all about the resistance of the Persians by the Greeks and the Spartans. This time around we see the battle from the Greeks point of view.

Right off the bat we are thrown into watching Themistocles ( Sullivan Stapleton ) killing the current Persian King Darius while his son Xerxes bares witness. Obviously this does not go over well. Distraught Xerxes finds guidance in Artemisia ( Eva Green ) who has her own motives in wanting Xerxes "leading" the Persian nation. Before that we see the transformation of human Xerxes into God-King Xerxes. Literally bigger than life.

Like the Spartans in the first film the Greeks are vastly out numbered in ships and manpower but as the Spartans proved that doesn't mean you just roll over and die. The Greeks, while awaiting help from the Spartans which may or may not come, use their brains to compensate for their lack of brawn.

The Greeks continue to fend back the Persians at sea as Artemisia watches on from her ship and while irked that she is not conquering Themistocles and his men she also admires him for accomplishing what she didn't think could be done.

Back and forth go the two leaders until there is final battle where the two finally go one on one as King Xerxes watches from afar in the ruins that is Athens. It is the full fleet of the Persians, which is a lot, versus a measly six Greek ships who put up a valiant while yet still holding out hope that the Spartans will join their side and hopefully turn the tide in their favor.

VERDICT : Being a fan of the first one I made sure to view this on its opening week. I chose to watch this in IMAX 3D which for me is a rarity. Animation tends to translate well into 3D but most other genres do not. This being mostly CGI I figured that it probably will look good in 3D. I was not disappointed.

This film earns its R rating. Blood flows in virtually ever scene. Limbs are taken off, bodies are beheaded, bare skin is prevalent as well. I knew going in what to expect and it delivered. Not much story other than point an army into another army's direction and say kill. The action is bloody and constant.

Basically if you want a lot of action with guts and gore with minimal storyline this is the film for you. I tend to like these at times as its an escape from everyday life. A THUMBS UP for me to a viewing and I would suggest the bigger the screen the better. It's made for the larger format. As long as you like action and don't mind endless killings you will enjoy it. If you are looking for historical value, look elsewhere.

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