Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Card of the Day - 2012 Allen and Ginter : Ryan Braun Mini Framed Autograph Red Ink Variant ( 9 / 10 )

Buy low sell high.
That is the ultimate way on how to make some money while still acquiring wants and needs in this hobby.

A lot has been said about Ryan and his "supposed" steroid consumption. It is what it is and I have moved on from it due to that fact that yes he probably was on it but so were a lot of other players including Dodgers. My problem with Ryan was the way he went about himself and denying and hurting other people's lives. Hopefully he has learned a lesson and continue on what was a very good career prior to his suspension. That said I still wanted his on card autograph.

I bought a PSA ball late last year ( never profiled here as it's turn in the que never came up ) but it was part of the ball purge that I am in right now. Surprisingly the ball sold for more than I paid for it. Now I was on the hunt for an on card autograph as he was on my need to reacquire list. Enter Allen and Ginter cards.

I saw this beauty and while the normal one aka non red version books for $100 there is no book on this one due to its scarcity. I would say its safe to assume that in his good days that it probably would sell for north of $200 since there are only 10 copies. I have seen these red ink versions before but I have never been able to get one at a reasonable price. Well with Ryan on the not so popular list I picked this up for way less than the $100 that the non red ink one books for. A major score in my eyes.

These 2012 versions are the best with its black borders. Got rid of the ball and picked up this great looking low numbered card for almost the same price.

Nice, clean red autograph

9 of only 10 in the world. That is camera glare on top left hand side.

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