Thursday, March 27, 2014

Upcoming Player Appearance / Signing : Bret Saberhagen @ Harry's Dugout on May 25, 2014

You know it's baseball season as in store appearances are becoming more commonplace around town. Harry's has added another player to their growing calendar of autograph signings. So far Bill Madlock and Pedro Guerrero were confirmed and now we have, among other accomplishments, former World Series Champion Bret Saberhagen coming to town.

Unlike the other two signings Bret will only be signing for one hour and autographs are limited to 100. Prices as always are very reasonable so don't miss out. Any questions or if you want to pre-order feel free to call Harry's.

  • Baseball Cards - $15
  • Flats up to 11x14 - $25
  • Larger Flats, Baseballs, Hats, Mini's and Figurines - $30
  • Jerseys, Equipment and Artwork - $40
  • Inscriptions - $10

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