Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Contest # 9 Results - Ken Landreaux Signed 8x10

Contest #9 comes to a close. Only 6 different people entered but 4 of the 6 pretty much had equal entries in the contest. Aus who earned 5 bonus entries basically sat on the sidelines and had everyone catch up to him. Jesse had the most but as he and everyone knows that does not guarantee a win. 

Anyways, thank you for everyone that entered. Thank you to all that continue to read the blog and give input from time to time as well. With that said here are the results of the contest :

Big L is the big winner this go around. Five entries was good enough for the win. Once again,Greg with his minimal entries ( 2 this time ) was on top of the heap 4 separate times. He hasn't won yet but he constantly seems to be in the running. 

Congrats to Big L. DM your address again and I will get the photo in the mail before Saturday.