Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trade with Fellow Twitterer : Nick aka Baseball Report ( Trade Number One )

Now armed with a little more inventory and a little more presence out in the blogging and twitter world I have been able to make trades more frequently unlike when I first started out and I couldn't get a nibble from anyone. We all have to start somewhere right?

I was watching my timeline on Twitter when I saw Nick tweeting out that he was giving one last chance to everyone to offer something for a card of Masahiro Tanaka. I never saw the original tweet and he had a trade lined up with someone else and was looking to beat it with an acquisition of a ball or two. I've never dealt with Nick before but I sent him a message and seeing what he was searching for and he stated he just wanted a little more value than the ball he was already working on with the other person. Good for me that I am liquidating my ball collection and I told him to look into my blog post of them and see if anything interested him. He came back with two balls that would work for him which was no problem for me and a day later we sent each other a package. Yesterday my Masahiro card came in.

Nice looking card of the new Yankee. This card would have held more interest for me if he would have signed with the Dodgers. I saw this as an opportunity to rid myself of some autographed balls and acquire a card that might have a great deal of hobby interest if Tanaka does as well as most people think he can here in the states. If he does then I will probably flip it for an autograph card of some sort but at the same time I might just hold on to it. You never know. Till then Masahiro has a place in my collection.

Thank you again to Nick for our first smooth trade. The second one is almost complete and look forward to some more cards.

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