Thursday, March 20, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Tribute : Adrian Gonzalez Tradtions Blue Parallel Autograph ( 50 / 50 )

I will not be acquiring any of the base Tribute cards or their parallels for this year as I am going to focus on fewer brands to give me the chance to complete those instead of me all of the place trying to get everything from every product. But autographs and certain inserts will be an exception and that is where this card comes in.

Wasn't really looking for another Adrian autograph but when the checklist was released for this set I had to get a copy for my collection. I wasn't particular on which parallel but it was just a happy coincidence that I was able to get the blue one at a great bargain. No book value at time of purchase but I know it will be higher than what I forked over for it.

I love the look of this set with a picture of the autograph subject and then an old time picture in black and white. The autograph is in crispy blue ink and pops well on top of the black and white photo. A limited run of just 50 for this blue parallel and once again couldn't be happier with the transaction.

Great color to non color contrast

50 of 50

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