Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Manny Machado Base Blue Refractor Parallel Autograph ( 98 / 250 )

Like yesterday's post on Koufax, Machado was high on my list to reacquire an on card autograph once the signed ball of his sold. Koufax obviously was the top one and more urgent to get but Manny still comes in the Top 5 and I was able to lock in this great looking blue Bowman Chrome for a reasonable price with potential to go up in price. One of the factors to Manny's card that had to be present.

If at all possible I wanted a Bowman Chrome of Manny but his rookie card was too pricey with it booking at $600. Yeah, not going to happen. So looked back at the 2013 issue and noticed he had one included in that set. I could have settled for the base autograph but I decided to be greedy and try to get my hands on the blue parallel since those are always the most visually appealing to me. Only 250 copies exist so the pursuit was on.

There were two different auctions going on at the same time. A buy it now with best offer option and a traditional 7 day auction. I tried to barter with the seller on the buy it now but he wanted to nickel and dime and in the end we couldn't come to an agreement. Onto this one but with the problem of it ending at 6 in the morning out here in the west. Yeah, I'm sleeping at that time. The night prior the price was still in my range so right before I went to bed I put in my bid and hoped it would stand 7 hours later when I woke up. A little surprised to find out it did just that and I won it. Almost an even swap on ball to card autograph.

I looked real hard at the picture on the auction and looked to be in great condition. Once it arrived it looks like it can grade out to a gem mint with only the edges being worrisome. There is a slight fray on the bottom and hope that it can hold at least a 9 with everything else being a 9.5. We shall see soon.

Corners look good.
Centering as well.
Nothing on the surface.
Holding out hope on the edges.
Come on gem mint.

One of the nicer aka non streaked versions of Manny I've seen.

98 of 250

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