Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Contest # 9 - Ken Landreaux Autograph 8 x 10

It's been a couple weeks but it's finally time for another contest.

Up above is the prize for the contest. It is a signed 8x10 of Ken Landreaux that I acquired in person this past Saturday at Dr. Liu's Optometry. Sorry for the slight blurriness but the photo is in great condition.

I planned to go back to a question based contest but I think I will just hold off on that till the season starts. In the meantime this contest will be done by random.org once more.

You earn one entry per comment per day ( only one counts per day ) and one entry per RT on Twitter ( again only one counts per day ). Also, Aus guessed right last Friday to who I was going to meet so he is ahead of the pack as he earned 5 additional entries.

Contest will run till Tuesday March 25th give or take 9 at night.

Thank you again to all that read and follow this blog and good luck to you in the contest and have a great week.


  1. I guess I need to get back in the contest game. I have just been to busy to actually post something and keep track of the entries. Good luck everyone!

    1. yes you do. i need more points. Greg might close in on me.
      = )

  2. I'll join in on the contest & test my luck here.

  3. Can't wait for the season to start.


  4. Count me in for today. And thanks for promoting out my contest, it's much appreciated.

  5. Another day another entry, good luck to all !

  6. Missed a couple of days due to business, but I'm back,

  7. Monday is my least favorite day of the week but hey another day another entry :p