Thursday, March 13, 2014

Result Number Four ( 2013 Bowman Chrome Manny Machado Autograph Blue Parallel ) From Beckett Raw Grade Event On March 8, 2014

Second to last post on my BGS results and this was the one I was really worried about.

On Monday I presented the Jose Fernandez card an knew going in that it wouldn't grade out to gem mint but I was hoping for mint but was denied that. Disappointed but expected. Now this one I was worried about the edges. As seen in its original post HERE it looked to me that it was perfect everywhere except for the bottom part of the card.

While intact and not bent there seemed to be a very slight fraying effect going on which I thought might be a problem during the grading process. I won't go into its shipping box but lets just say that the seller on eBay needs to take shipping 101 to learn how to do things properly. I reserved my feedback on the transaction until I knew what the grade would be on this card. If I didn't like the grade then they would get negative feedback and if the grade was satisfactory then they would receive either neutral or none. Well the results came in :

Well looky looky here. I guess the fraying wasn't bad enough to effect the overall grade. I received the gem mint I wanted on the card. I really wanted to add a BGS 9.5 card of Machado and when I couldn't acquire one at a reasonable price online I went the ungraded route. Always a gamble but this time it paid off.

I won't be leaving negative feedback for the seller but I will be contacting them to go over shipping tips.

A great looking card got better with those 9.5 and 10's attached to it.

One. More. Result. To. Go.

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