Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trade with Fellow Blogger : The Lost Collector ( Trade Number 1 )

One simple card and yet this was a great trade for me.

The Lost Collector runs his own blog which features a lot of Yankee memorabilia which is probably why he had this card in his collection.

A few months ago he sent out a tweet asking for assistance in one of his projects and I happen to have 2 of the cards and I sent them his way. Nothing in return at the time and I just waited till the right time to ask for something. One day he mentioned he had an autograph card for trade and I inquired about it but we ended up talking about this Kuroda card instead as he noticed I was still trying to finish the set in blue form.

We agreed that the value of this card was a little more than the two base cards I sent him his way before but he was kind enough to send this my way now and we would square up somewhere down the road.

Thank you again for the great card and I look forward to doing another trade with you.

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  1. Glad I could help you out! Looking forward to trading again.